A Concept Analysis of Self-Control in the Sexual Risk Behaviors of Men who have sex with Men (MSM)

Ryan Q. De Torres, MA (Nursing), RN

Name: Ryan Q. De Torres, MA (Nursing), RN
Position: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: College of Nursing, University of the Philippines Manila
Email Address: rqdetorres@up.edu.ph/ rdtorres.05@gmail.com
Home Address: 73 B Silencio St., Santol, Quezon City, Philippines, 1113


Self-control is an integral concept in the sexual risk behaviors of men who have sex with men (MSM). There are varying definitions and descriptions of self-control in different fields. Some concepts are interchangeably used to denote self-control. Walker and Avant’s concept analysis method was used to clarify the attributes, antecedents, consequences, and empirical referents of self-control. The attributes of self-control are recognition of sexual impulses, rationalization of sexual risk perceptions, and regulation of sexual risk behaviors. The antecedents of self-control are personal drivers, situational experiences, social linkages, and environmental structures. Self-control is significant to empower MSM to make conscious and responsible decisions, actions, and reflections toward safer sex practices, better sexual health, and lower HIV risk.

concept analysis, men who have sex with men, health education, HIV prevention, self-control
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De Torres