Foundation of the Network

  • Initiated in June 2019 by Jaime Daniel Leite Junior (OT from Brazil)
  • Need for an international network that connects occupational therapists and occupational scientists and enables them
    • To discuss and exchange information
    • To establish research partnerships in order to use perspectives from occupational therapy (OT) and occupational science (OS) to explore the realities of people who experience issues due to their sexualities and genders
    • Jaime and Jens Schneider (OT from Germany) founded the network on 20th of July 2019
  • Interested professionals from different countries and continents around the globe
    • Different perspectives on the subject
  • Seeks social and occupational justice for people who experience issues due to their sexualities and genders
  • Aims to foster this justice by promoting the performance of meaningful occupations and their social insertion into the individual-collective relation

Who we are

  • International network that brings together occupational therapists and occupational scientists from around the world who work, teach, study and/or perform research on sexualities and genders from OT and OS perspectives.
  • We recognize the power relations that characterize societies and how these lead to the marginalization of individuals, groups of people and/or whole populations.
  • Our worldview is that the human, social, political, civil and occupational rights of all people must be respected and valued.


  • To foster debate and to build theoretical and methodological frameworks within OT and OS regarding issues related to sexualities and genders.
  • To find ways to support and enhance the social and occupational participation of people whose sexualities and/or genders in the societies in which they live.
  • To connect professionals who can contribute to this discussion from various theoretical and methodological perspectives.


  • Advocate the various existential rights of those whose daily lives are limited by issues related to sexualities and/or genders.
  • Contribute through the transformation of norms of sexualities and genders via OT and OS to the construction of fair and inclusive societies based on respect and the celebration of differences.
  • Provide a forum for meetings, discussions, studies and research for the construction of theoretical and methodological frameworks for the performance of OT and OS. This should be done in conjunction with those who have been affected by issues related to sexualities and/or genders, especially those whose participation in everyday life has been limited by these factors.
  • Contribute to the appreciation and recognition of the differences that make up all expressions of sexualities and genders.
  • Increase awareness of issues related to sexualities and/or genders through educational OT and OS programs.
  • Promote research and explore new funding opportunities for research on sexualities and genders from OT and OS perspectives.
  • Inform OT and OS communities about the activities of the network by publishing papers, through the media, conferences etc.


  • We believe that sexualities and genders and the issues associated with them are essential themes for OT and OS, regardless of field and setting.
  • We are of the view that knowledge in these fields has an ethical, political and aesthetic role to play in the debate on these themes and can contribute to the equality of sexualities and genders.
  • The network therefore works collaboratively and in solidarity, respecting the differences of its members and having as a common objective the strengthening of this knowledge worldwide.

How we work

  • The members are informed at regular intervals about the network’s activities, studies published by members, relevant literature and conferences.
  • Working groups which meet regularly online are formed for individual topics.